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Nicky Dionisio

Hi, I'm Nicky Dionisio, I'm a mother of two cherubs and a manager of one company!

Nicky Dionisio - Born and bred in the mother city, Cape Town, South Africa I'm a full time mother of two gorgeous angels whom I treasure more than anything.  My family are from the Portuguese Island of Madeira the name Nicolette meaning Victory of the People and surname Dionisio meaning goddess of fertility and wine all of which I am only too happy to represent! I enjoy cooking whilst socialising with friends; I also enjoy making jewellery, painting, hiking, reading the odd good book and I especially love the cinema.  When I'm not cackling with friends in the Dionisio way, I also work very hard.  I have been studying bookkeeping and accounting part time for the last few years and am now a certified technical financial accountant. I run a management company for highly skilled professionals and I am proud to offer an unrivalled level of service to all our clientele.  I am also open to new networks, opportunities and friends; my website is so please feel free to get in touch any time.  Ciao for now! Nicky Dionisio

Nicky Dionisio's Background

Nicky Dionisio's Experience

Manager at Gavelkind

2004 - November 2011

I started with Gavelkind in 2004 as personal assistant to the Group CEO and part of the payments team. I worked my way to leader of the payments team and then Administration Manager.

Sole Member at Silverpay

2006 - November 2011

I am involved in the entire lifecycle of the Contractor, this involves organising all aspects of visas, personal finance, bank accounts, transfers and migration of contractors employed on a freelance basis in South Africa.

Accounts Manager at Sandak-Lewin Trust

1996 - 2004

Administered a portfolio of 250 sectional title blocks, mainly overseeing levy collections

Office Manager at Vintur SA

December 2011

Nicky Dionisio's Education

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

2010 – 2012

Activities: Certified Junior Bookkeeper, Certified Senior Bookkeeper, and finally a Certified Technical Financial Accountant.

AAA School of Advertising

1999 – 1999

Concentration: MASA Diploma in Media Management

Nicky Dionisio's Interests & Activities

Being Proudly Portuguese I love colour, dancing, loud music, a noisy house, good food and good wine! Being Proudly South African I love chilling, moments of peace and quiet, art, biltong and beer!

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